On this page you will find Cars that I have provided a video for each so you can watch it race before you purchase. These are all considered Pro Cars and not recommended for Scout Pack Racing. I do however offer an unpainted car body that parents can purchase and build the Car with their Scout. Go to the Tab for Car Bodies and purchase the type that matches the rules for your Pack. These are the same bodies that I have use to build the Cars you see on this page. 

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Last Chance has been previously raced so you will be able to see how fast it runs before you buy.  Only one like this to sell
This car ran  in the Mini Copper class at the APR 09-20-2014 
Car Body without weights, wheels and axles $50.00  

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62 Ultra Light has been previously raced so you will be able to see how fast it runs before you buy. This car run in the Basico Class at the APR 9-20-2014.  5" wheel base. Only one like this to sell
Car Body without weight,  wheels and axles $85.00 Sold  

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Viper Pro Grooved Stainless Steel Axles 
Last Chance
Video coming soon
Video coming soon
62 Ultra Light